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Clink sprang to life during my MDes days, inspired by observing the struggles people, especially women, faced dealing with long queues at liquor shops and the uncomfortable stares that often accompanied them. Coupled with the limited options for safely ordering alcohol online, I saw an opportunity to shake up the status quo and provide a solution that prioritizes convenience and safety for all.

The app also tackles with many other problems which seem small like the option of ordering smaller quantities instead of bottles, ordering ice, etc. to add more convenience for the customers


Problem Statement

Discomfort caused due to increasing crowd at local liquor shops along with the availabilty of limited options and saftey concerns mainly involving women.



  • The primary goal of this app is to provide a safe space, particularly for women, looking to buy alcohol, while also serving as an aid for those who wish to avoid spending hours in long queues at local liquor shops.

  • The app aims to streamline the process of ordering alcohol and food for gatherings or in-house parties, ensuring timely delivery while offering an engaging and user-friendly interface accessible to individuals of legal drinking age across all demographics.


Target Customers

The app caters to anyone of legal drinking age with a valid ID (subject to state-wise drinking regulations), regardless of gender. The target audience should be familiar with basic food delivery apps, ensuring ease of use and understanding for seamless navigation of this new platform.

The project's initial phase centered on defining a cohesive 3D design style with flat elements for illustrations, followed by detailed pencil sketching to create recognizable reaction stickers, illustrations, and logos stickers.

Careful color selection aimed to match the platform's design and enhance the user experience with associations of celebrations and victory


User's Needs

  • The user requires an application that addresses the listed problems while also incorporating additional features to enhance their experience, making it more enjoyable, interactive, and easy to use.

  • Women primarily seek safe delivery methods that involve the delivery partner and agent, ensuring a secure process from start to finish.


Competitor Analysis

  • Pros: The app provides same-day delivery for both international and local liquors, offering filters for alcohol types like Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, and more. Users can also access detailed information about wines and whiskies.

  • Cons: Delivery limited to certain areas, no age limit for alcohol purchases, lacks online payment, and lacks order tracking.

  • Pros: The app offers a wide variety of alcohol options at reasonable prices with same-day delivery.

  • Cons: Same-day delivery is subject to location availability, with shipping costs applicable, and the service is not accessible in every state.


User Personas


Task Mapping


Low Fidelity and final screens



We have the initial prototype of the app, with plenty of room for future expansion, including interactive drinking games, to make it the ultimate app for users.

Why not enjoy the drinks with some insightful conversation. Let's connect!!

Why not enjoy the drinks with some insightful conversation. Let's connect!!

Why not enjoy the drinks with some insightful conversation. Let's connect!!